The Beatrice San Francisco (BSF) collection is specially designed to make strong, individual men and women push the limitless boundaries of life. The unique Etnic & Avant Garde style is an invitation to feel self-confident. Our Ibiza brand is unified as the love that created its very name, it is a modern day celebration of Ibiza’s stylish heritage and a mirror image of the family behind its achievements.


Fashion is something that should highlight your natural beauty as a man or woman. It should make you even more beautiful than you already are. Embrace your inner and external light and feel the magic you have inside. When you wear it you should feel comfortable but yet look stylish and sexy at the same time.


Casual yet chic; simple yet extravagant; natural yet exotic. This unique mixture of structure and freedom is a reflection of BSF creative style that you will enjoy in every moment from sunny mornings to eternal nights. Be seduced by a new concept of working the knit. The combination with gold or silver threads, drafts and asymmetries makes it unique.


Beatrice San Francisco (BSF) is a fashion brand of a creative and happy Ibiza family. Beatrice studied Fashion Design in Berlin and together with her husband Francisco they founded BSF in 1999, which had an immediate impact. Nowadays they work on the designs with their two daughters who have followed in the footsteps of their parents. Today the brand is distrubuted all over Europe.


Design sessions at BSF still feel more like parties than work. Singing, dancing, playing and laughing are the main ingredients of the BSF creative process. Their main inspiration is the love for music & art and the beauty of the island of freedom, Ibiza.


With two new collections launched each year, a spring-summer collection and an autumn-winter collection for man & woman, BSF also creates a high fashion range that is shown annually on the catwalk. It has been a key part of the Moda Adlib fashion show on the island since 2005, an event known throughout the European fashion world.


BSF has an Urban – Ethnic & Avangarde Style. Their designs are made from natural and metallic colours and are knitted from cotton with a special technique for a long lasting life. Their specialities are the multi pieces & asymmetric styles. All the collection is in One-Size.

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Like every year in the Basic Woman Collection there are the super bestsellers like the Poncho Skirt, Sultan Pants or Batwing Pullover, which are a Must in the BSF Collection. Part of 2017 creations are wide & loose items which you can wear in any occasion. On the other side you can find, good shaped and sexy styles for special moments.


There are three different styles of knit. The fine & normal knit and the lineal pattern. Relevant are the asymmetric and multifunctional designs. The color range starts from the light pure marfil, natural linen, soft rosé, aluminum grey, royal blue, strong red, earthy taupe and finished with the mystic black. All our colors are also available with a sparkle touch of gold or silver. All the knitted collection is made with a cotton mix.


Must in the BSF Man Collection are the Sultan Pants, Shirt Manel & Pullover Yack which we repeat every year. Ethnic Ponchos, asymmetric shirts and designs with net are an important part in the 2017 Collection. The man’s colors are the same as the woman’s, except the rosé and the red color. Eyecatcher is the multi colorful Shirt Woomoon for the more extravagant man. All the knitted collection is made with a cotton mix but we have also a few items in hemp.


BSF Man can be seen as an Unisex Collection also. Many woman buy this collection as they feel super cool and casual in it. Of course BSF also creates the special unique exclusive designs for fashion shows which are available to buy after the catwalk.


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