BSF is a fashion brand of a creative Ibiza family. 
Beatrice studied Fashion Design in Berlin and together with her husband Francisco they founded BSF in 1999, which had an immediate impact. 
Nowadays the two daughters are a big part in the business with innovating ideas and inspirations. 
Today the brand is distributed all over Europe.



Design sessions at BSF still feel more like parties than work. Singing, dancing, playing and laughing are the main ingredients of the BSF creative process.
Their main inspiration is the love for music & art and the beauty of the island of freedom, Ibiza.

about us

The Beatrice San Francisco – BSF collection is specially designed to make strong, individual woman & man to push the limitless boundaries of life. The unique Edgy, Ethnic & Urban style is an invitation to feel self-confident. Our brand is unified as the love that created its name, it is a modern day celebration of Ibiza’s stylish heritage and a mirror image of the family behind its achievements.



Two new collections launched each year.
A seasonal collection for man and woman with a wide variety of models, from casual garments for every day to extravagant dresses.
On  the other hand the exclusive and unique hand made collection that is presented on various catwalks.
Key part is the Moda Adlib, the biggest fashion event on the Balearic Islands.



Fashion is something that should highlight your natural beauty as a man or woman. 
Embrace your inner and external light and feel the magic you have inside. When you wear it you should feel comfortable but yet look stylish and sexy at the same time.



Casual yet chic; simple yet extravagant; natural yet exotic. This unique mixture of structure and freedom is a reflection of BSF creative style that you will enjoy in every moment, from sunny mornings to eternal nights. 
Be seduced by a new concept of working the knit.
The combination with gold or silver threads, drafts and asymmetries makes it unique.



BSF has an Edgy, Ethnic & Urban style. Their designs are made from natural and metallic colors and are knitted from 100% mercerized cotton with a special technique for a long lasting life. Their specialities are the multi pieces & asymmetric styles. All the collection is in One-Size.